Security Consulting and Website Development & Management for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Hitsaru, LLC is a consulting firm, specializing in Information Security and related Technologies, focused on helping Small Businesses and Nonprofits establish and enforce a robust Security posture and mindset while maintaining a professional image through their website.

Hitsaru, formerly known as UberDreamer, was founded by husband and wife team Ian and Connie Hill. Our foundation is communication and integrirty. We like to trust and support the experts, so when the need arises we bring in additional independent contractors.

Headshot of Ian

Ian Hill,
Sec+ Consultant

Security Consultant, #BadCode programmer, Consumate Tinkerer, Mad Scientist, Loquacious Ape. Cassandra Complex Extrodinare: Constantly thinks about "the worst that could happen", and how to deal with it. Attracted to blinky things like a moth to a flame.

Headshot of Connie

Connie Hill,
Web Developer

Web Developer focusing on security and accessibility (#a11y). Perpetual, professional pedestrian who hates shoes. Hippie at heart with a love of simplicity, in all areas of life. Has a 'thing' for orange and tiedye.

While our realm of experience is mostly online, allowing us to conduct business worldwide, we really love bolstering of our local community as well. Here in the Wenatchee Valley in central Washington state, Hitsaru is a supporter of NCW Tech Alliance (formerly GWATA), 1 Million Cups, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, the local Makerspace community, and DEF CON Group 509.2 (Hacker Hangouts).

Service Areas

WordPress Websites

Everything from new development to monthly maintenance and monitoring. Clearing out clutter, running updates, applying additional security measures, and supporting the site owner with content updates as needed.

Malware Incident Response

Can include controlling and isolating active threats, removal and analysis of malware, and implementing additional preventative measures against future incidents of a similar nature.

Vulnerability Assessments

Wondering where your system might be most vulnerable to attack? Ethical hacking and penetration testing can reveal weaknesses the average administrator might miss. We can show you were to focus.

Business Continuity

Knowing how your business would continue to exist if there was a fire in your office or the only computer with access to customer data was destroyed is an important aspect of business continuity. We can help you plan to keep working after a disaster.

Custom Web Development

Might include developemnt of internal applications, personal websites not built on WordPress, and other web-based code projects. We're particularly fond of building custom solutions for unique use cases.

Policies & Procedures

Make sure everyone in your organization understands the clearly defined roles, standards, processes, and structure that make up the foundation. Documentation is essential to clear commmunication.

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